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Guest post by Vanessa Tripodi: How to Find The Best Mobile Phone Plan

When you’re trying to find the best mobile phone deal in today’s rather complex market, you will need to make yourself aware of the various types of arrangements surrounding the mobile phone industry generally, as well as how these differences are packaged.  Important features to become familiar with include the following:

  • Prepaid.  Prepaid phones are available for those who are willing to pay a certain amount of money upfront to cover any outgoing future calls. Once the money is spent you will need to purchase more credit. Prepaid phones usually cost more per call than post paid plans.


  • Post-paid. With a post-paid plan you will be allowed to make calls and talk as long as you wish. You settle your bill at the end of a monthly period. You are, in effect, afforded open ended credit by your carrier.


  • Contracts. The most popular post-paid plan is one where the customer enters into a 12 or 24 month contract with the carrier, in which a subsidized phone is supplied, with nothing to pay upfront. Cap plans are popular because a customer is only required to pay a certain amount, for example $49.00 a month, and in return use $300.00 worth of calls. This means all you have to pay each month will be $49.00 as long as you don’t exceed the $300.00 call limit.


  • Buying your phone outright or buying on contract. Carriers will generally look after a customer better when the phone is purchased as part of a plan in regard to call costs, than they do for customers who purchase their own phone separately. However, this means you need to have the several hundred dollars available to pay for your handset.


  • Coverage. You will have no difficulty with coverage if you live and remain in a city area, however, if you travel or live in a remote area, Telstra Next G excels compared to all other networks.


  • Data plan. If you need to access maps, Facebook, videos, or email on your phone you will need a data plan.

The most popular mobile phones being taken up today include the:

  • Apple iPhone that has a 5MP camera and high resolution screen suitable for video viewing.
  • Samsung Galaxy S2, with its 4.3 inch screen and high quality video capture.
  • The Apple iPhone 4 32GB, along with its 5 MP camera and high quality screen.
  • HTC Incredible S that boasts a Gingerbread Android, 8MP camera and LCD screen.

Once you are aware of what you need in a mobile phone you will be better able to make informed comparisons between the different plans being offered by the various carriers.


Vanessa Tripodi writes about where to find the best mobile phone deals online and writes for Mobile Phone Finder where you can compare mobile phone plans to get the best information before purchase.

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